FUSION Singles

Singles fusing Faith & Life

Why are we called FUSION?

We chose FUSION as our name because we don't want to be like a lot of the world that is one way on Sundays
when they come to church and then someone completely different the rest of the week.

That juggling act leads to confusion, frustration and emptiness.  We believe that Jesus has a much better life for us.  
He's given us everything we need to have a fulfilled and satisfying life.

That's why we focus on FUSING our Faith & Life into one.

Who is FUSION for?

FUSION is for 2 unique groups of Singles and our Small Groups reflect that.  We want to provide environments where
you will have an affinity with the others in your group and are more at the same age or life-stage.

Our College & Career groups are focused on those who are out of high school and are at the stage where college/school
is their primary focus.  Our Adult Career Singles group is geared towards those who are out of college and focused more
on the career stage of life.  For a complete list of groups, click here.

If you're still wondering what group would be best for you, please feel free to email us by clicking here.